Do you code with GMod in Fullscreen or Windowed-Mode?

Another thread similar to my last but different in terms of the question being asked; do you code GLua with Garry’s Mod in Fullscreen or Windowed-Mode and why?

Window mode, no border, max resolution.

Windowed no-border taking up half my screen.

I would use full-screen if it wasn’t such a horrendous task to tab out of the game while it’s loading

windowed, noborder, max resolution

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because i can alt tab, and do shit in the background

Full-screen most of the time.

I primarily code on mac (major hassle because Garry didnt add refresh support for the UNIX OS’s; I have to spam lua_openscript a lot) and since Cmd-tabbing happens pretty much instantly I code in fullscreen.

Windowed mode, or I begin to lose my mind after tabbing out every minute.

Windowed mode always, even in game play.

You should try noborder mode too, lets you be fullscreen by actually being windowed just without the borders, meaning you can alt tab safely.

Windowed, left monitor. I’d use noborder if there was a way to force the monitor the game opens on and the position in launch options.

Right monitor -> 1920x1080 Windowed
Middle monitor -> Notepad++
Left Monitor -> TeamSpeak/Firefox(Music/Forums)

I have one monitor for GMod/other game and one for twitch/Notepad++. I usually have mumble and remote desktop running in the background – seperate computer that runs Linux and used to run WoW auto-gathering routes.

Try windows key + left or right, it’ll toss the window to the previous or next screen.

Yeah, I tried that in the past but it doesn’t seem to work for gmod even in windowed mode. Any time I maximize Steam in my left monitor, I have to use that to get the window back on my screen as it maximizes to the left of my left monitor, ie in air.

I tried windowed mode with no border today but for some reason I didn’t like it. Whenever I minimised it I could see it in the background and it darkened the Windows 7 transparent program bar at the bottom which I didn’t like. It also seemed to be a lot slower and I had the ‘not responding’ issue a few times. Does windowed mode affect how your graphics driver handles the game? Or is it the same as fullscreen mode? I’d like to use windowed mode but I’m not sure how to work it to my liking. Any ideas?

Shift right click the GMod icon in the taskbar, then click “move”. The only problem is that GMod doesn’t always appear in the taskbar with no border mode, but mine opens where I want it anyway.

Left monitor (1440x900) NP++/RDC/FTP/Chrome, right monitor (1920x1080) no border full-resolution GMod.
Sometimes if I need wiki references I move chrome to the right screen.

I just have gmod with a border at half res, toss it off onto my left monitor and the n open the rest of my crap wherever it feels nice

Oh whoops, I meant windows+shift+left or right. If that doesn’t work I’m not sure why.

Windowed mode, no border, fullscreen. Notepad open on other monitor