Do you consider rapid fire mouse macro cheating

Reading other threads I was surprised how many people don’t and thought why not a poll . Why is not OK to use a third party program to aim but then when you use a third party program and call it a macro it is? Seems to me if your using outside software (macro is a form of code) to remove game mechanics, firing speed and recoil, I would consider it cheating but do you?

It dosn’t remove recoil, it’s just as simple as Auto clicker.

They can be programmed to automatically counteract some of the recoil. Left/right recoil is random and can’t really be accounted for but vertical recoil is actually pretty simple.

Frankly, I don’t understand why so many people want to find a definite line between what is or is not cheating.
If you have to ask you probably should just not do it.

It does remove the effects of recoil in practice. Your fire so quickly (not humanly possible especially while keeping your mouse aimed), the second shot fires before the recoil effects have barely moved your barrel.