"Do you envy about this, kid?"

this is my first model hacking test:


Okay, what is that rifle, and where its from?

Looks like some kinda ATR…

his head looks huge

Nice headhack. Are you gonna release?

looks like a mix of a .50 cal barret and a PSG-1

And it looks like the Sniper for WAW.


I’m not sure if I can more headhack, then i will.

It’s an KSVK
Some big ass Russian Sniper rifle. Most likely from Arma, since that is the only game I’ve seen it in.

Thank God someone knew.

Thanks for posting, I thought it was this.

so, have a heart.

Thats a ptrs-41 not the 39 version I think, I know im a weapons geek :stuck_out_tongue:

Well yea, it’s the ptrs41, noone said 39?
I dont think its a good idea to let the big gun rest on the barrel?

well i was already know before he say
however thank god someone knew.

I want that model and I do envy it! (plus its my 2nd favorite anti material)

I thought it was a modified version of the PTRS

That’s the prototype it was bolt action.


The 39 i mean.

That RPG looks awfully small.

That one reloads from the front, not the back…so no, its not the same gun.

but nice pose.

I don’t care about the gun, I want those hacks…