Do you facepunchers know of a good TTT server?

DON’T YOU DARE SAY STONED POTATOES! Those whores perma’d me because I killed a traitor…

Title says all. TTT = Trouble in Terrorist Town

SLA ttt

Well if you don’t hate furries then Velocity is the place for you I guess.

IP? And I hate furries, Darkfire0215.

I don’t blame you man I’m just suggesting it I mean I ain’t a furry but the guys on there are cool

I can say to you don’t go to PEZ servers, they are overally bad.

Furries are scary, but I’ll give it a shot. What’s the IP?

I wish I remembered it man


guess what I found it.

It’s not hard to use Google.

I’m personally a big fan of TNS servers, they have pretty good admins and two TTT servers, one vanilla TTT and the other custom TTT.

External gaming
though i got banned for overuse of aimbot

RDMing a traitor doesnt make it okay you know.

I didn’t RDM him though, I killed a Traitor as an innocent :stuck_out_tongue:

CvG is pretty good.
Though if you have a friend who get’s perma banned from the ever you get banned as well

Me and my friend play on Convict Gaming. For the most part people are cool but like every server some admins are confused as to what their own rules are.

Also : GMF TTT. A friend of mine showed me pics, and it looks fucking amazing.

SourceTribe TTT is pretty neat ~ has some cool unique aspects and an in-game store where you get credits by playing correctly. All the stuff is linked in the forums as well :V

I enjoy playing on it every now and then.

I like most of the people that play on SLA gaming, and their loading music makes me happy.