Do you get Metal Windows That Open and Close?

Does anyone know cause i saw a house that looks as if it has Metal Windows that open and close. And it wouldd be nice since people just build stairs to raid through normal windows?

Please let me know?

There are currently no windows that open/close… they’re all just holes in the wall.
Unless this changed in the last 12 hrs… which I srsly doubt.

I believe people tend to use doorways + doors as openable windows.

Thats weird cause then people can still staircase all the way up and easily place 2 explosive charges :confused:

You most likely saw someone who placed a doorway/metal door to act as a window on the higher stories of the house.

People can climb through windows if they get up top, and since there are no shutters, doorways + doors are safer than windows.

This is what made me think?

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That doesnt look like the normal Metal Windows or Wall. So thats why im so curious :confused:

That’s just a wall piece, it’s a different model type is all.

weird:/, Thanks tho

It’s a metal wall, but you are seeing the “Back” side