Do you guys also have this issue in Legacy RUST?

Been a while since I really posted anything on these forums.

Wondering if anyone here is still playing the good ol’ legacy RUST and perhaps has the same issue as I do?

Hope you guys enjoy :slight_smile:

Pretty hilarious how you got banned at least 4 times on the same server :’)

i have no idea what the fuck i just watched…

He was banned 3 times on that server (watch his other videos if you wanna see it) this is the forth time where he got unbanned and banned again.

The admin was testing him, trying to make him do tests that normally apparently trigger a player’s cheats if he has them. I know certain no-recoil cheats make you jump without delay in between your jumps which is how those can be detected.

oh i remember this guy now.

cheers falx:)