do you guys feel nervous while playing rust?

I feel so absorbed in the game, that have my hands sweated and wince every time i hear smb’s steps approachin.

Do you feel the same, or its just me being a coward?

Lol all the time… I can get stressed about the most minor of situations in the game and there most certainly has never been any other game that’s gotten my heart racing as much as this one.

I spend a very decent portion of my time gaming so to find something that’s as unique as this is pretty special for me.
Many many many times have my hands been shaking so hard that it’s difficult to loot in a hurry, expecting the people I just murdered to come around any corner and blast me a new one.
Hearing footsteps outside and turning off the furnace/campfire… trying to decide whether to take the risk and go after them or to stay quiet and act like you aren’t home…

So good. lol

the funny thing is when i used to play cod and i got killed i didn’t really care (long time ago) but in this every gun fight i get into i get some high adrenaline and my hands start shaking! probably because if i die i will loose everything on me

When I’m playing a normal/PvP server I do indeed feel nervous. Granted I usually pack light and nothing that can’t be replaced, but its moreso due to how unpredictable other people can be. You can only run into so many “wanna be bandits” who claim their shots that missed you were “meant for a red wolf” that was nowhere to be found before your luck runs out and you stumble onto a armed, calculated and experienced group that wants what you have and will try and get it by any means.

When I feel like playing a PvE server though, pretty much the opposite.


When I kill someone and looting them

Once upon a time, I set up a small trade with three “friends”. Before I knew it they had ambushed me and stolen my gear. Within an hour I had found their base, killed all 4-5 of them by myself, took what I could hold and destroyed the rest. I was shaking uncontrollably and my palms were sweating the entire time… I had never been more terrified playing a video game in my entire life.

I think you all need to play DayZ.

This is just sad…


In all my years gaming I’ve never seen a game bring out as much raw human emotion as rust.

Uhhh… Rust is just soo unrealistic… you can gear up in 15 minutes after you die… 10 seconds if you already have a base.

So explain to me what is so scary about dying etc…

Pretty much this. I’ve made a lot of friends playing, despite it being such a brutal game, lol.

Now, when I go shopping at night, I hear footsteps everywhere. I’m going crazy. The main thing in this case is not to write suicide.
I’m kidding ))

It’s why I love this game so much. I don’t get the shakes just heart pounding from these situations

Shots fired at me when I’m heading back to base with a bag full of good items or resources, the rush of trying to escape or fight my way out.

Kill someone, then attempt to loot them

Raiding a base when you know the owner is online

I stay calm and cool as ice in raids, etc.
The only thing that scares the shit out of me and makes my heart pounding in this game are a hord of naked running to me and attacking me from all sides. They are the most dangerous species in rust, much more dangerous dann full kevlar clans with M4, etc. Equipped with their stones and their hungry penises, nothing to lose, ready to die for a can of beans. No matter how good you are, the psychological advantage that they have makes them extremely dangerous.

Yes, and my hands sweat a lot, i could start a pool with the amount of sweat.

During the day is fine but when the sun goes down shit hits the fan. I am afraid to walk around in the dark and too afraid that when I light my torch my head will get blown off by a sniper looking to kill noobs.

I don’t even feel nervous or terrified while playing DayZ let alone I met groups of bandits

It was better when there were zombies in the game. You could sneak up to them and kill them with melee weapons. Now its either arrows which take up a huge part of your inventory or a gun both of which leave you nervous when fighting a bear or wolf because they create so much noise and move quick anyone could be watching. Ive died most in this game while farming these animals. For the most part its not worth it but by God it gets the adrenaline pumping.

I am not a lot nervous right now, but this game is awsome because of mix of close action (CS type) and a fear for gear.

I was nervous when was nooby:

*building a shelter and seing someone knocking in and trying to kill you (unique experience)
*then building a house, but not having metal door. These moment when you smelt in furnace and pray no one to come : )))

Then when i matured a bit:

*Still got adrenaline in fights. Comparing to Dayz the enemy is very close and you got to react faster. On dayz its more like being cautious and fight distance. IN rust you got to move fast, place baricades, cover…and everything is changes very fast.
*I like the fear when you just killed someone and have to loot fast. Its just interesting feeling.

Now i dont adrenaline a lot, but:

*yesterday we had crazy raiding 8x8 gunfight lasting about 1,5 hours going in and out of the base. Now that was fantastic and lots of adrenaline also never mind we didn’t care so much about clothes, but still the feel that you got to win engagement adds to it : )

I like Rust for these and hope it will be not lost from alpha to final version of the game.