Do you have the links for...



For the rest…

Learn to fucking use google.

This is a contest, idiot.

You never clarified that.
What a stupid thread.


ok here’s the rest sorry the site is German

snippidy dip

HA enjoy YOUR ban for an alt account
if you where nicer to people for giving you the time of day (wich you dont deserve for calling him a dumbass) maybe more poeple would help you also USE GOOGLE


No you


Such a fail thread, You’re a moron.

im sorry

god i really hope you get ip banned

(User was banned for this post ("Backseat mod/idiot" - Dragon))

Oh shut up dude. I created a thread as a contest, and you come in being a retard. Go play in traffic or something.

if only the report button did anything
still no sense in not reporting
no wonder you got perma-banned in the first place


because it don’t give you a trojan retard


well you actually DIDN’T get a trojan