Do you like experimental rust? :D

We tried to play on experimental server today and it was a big surprise for me. I loved the new map and especially day-night thingy :smiley:
It seems to me that the map is so big that on one end is day and on the other end is night?
I looved swimming and already started planning where to put my village :smiley: (approximately haha ^.^)

What do you guys say? Love it? Hate it?

If you don’t know what am I talking about visit :

‘worth waiting for’ definitely sums it up :smiley:

First off, the experimental server looks GREAT! I love the lighting, bodies of water, the 3D context menus, and the UI seems like it’s going to be good too!

Second; I wouldn’t get too fond of any one area in particular, as the maps are now procedurely generated, meaning it’s semi-randomized.

Can’t wait for more ingame “miracles” :stuck_out_tongue: Like, fishing boats (maybe, I hope) or wood traps :smiley:
We had so much fun killing people yesterday :smiley: bleeding is hilarious :smiley:

We’ve seen a lot of people don’t know how to join so if anyone wants to join experimental servers this is how:

I swear I saw somewhere the you can create worlds with Unity. Especially after playing on the experimental branch I’m really interested to know how the generated map works. It would be amazing if you could literally walk in a straight line around the world (given enough time)

Here’s a link to someone editing a ‘planet’ using unity 3D

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No, to much alpha versions on same program… idk what developers thinking and doing but im sure is not programing…

Hey I heard that your metabolism still runs when u sleep and leave the server…so if I don’t play for a week will I die of starvation?

I have no idea but you can find a lot of players just standing up (kinda like sleepers but standing up)… sooo maybe its true :smiley:

So it’s making progress. I hope the first real gameplay elements are survival aspects so that we can try not to freeze/heat stroke to death while slowly starving due to lack of food. :smiley:

That’d be awesome :smiley: I hope its going to get updated soon :smiley: can’t wait haha