Do you like my background?

Hey, i made this in Garry’s Mod, and i want feedback before uploading it, like more detail or less arrows, etc.

Or if i shouldn’t upload it at all, but if at least 10-20 ppl like it, then i have the courage to upload it.

Here is ultra epicness(?):

Here is the image without any editing =)

Most of the arrows aren’t stuck in the ground how they should be, there’s no image effects or anything, not worth uploading.

If you look carefully you can see on Demoman and Pyro that i made blood run off them, but thanks for your post.

I meant post processing, blur, shit like that.

i dunno what PP is but i guess i will just try some stuff in gimp and see what happends

Edit the pictures to make them better.

[li]I like what you did with the scout’s decapitation.
[/li][li]As many arrows are in the Spy’s body, he should be on the ground. One in every limb and then his head would be more fitting for an ‘on-your-knees’ stance.
[/li][li]Some of the arrows are pointing opposite of the sniper’s position. What?
[/li][li]Post Processing would have made it look better.
[/li][li]I like how the arrows are flying through the air but more than 2 is a bit excessive.

Every single one in this thread saying “edit ur picutars” is an absolute idiot. You hear that? A complete fucking waste of humanity.

It’s almost as good as the backgrounds you see on :downs:

Yeah, I mean, this almost beats the ones where they take an image off of Google and upload it without even changing it!


Looks great, to be honest. But, some of the arrows sticked to the ground look kinda weird as how they got to such position and the fact that a RED Sniper killed them all from the BLU base and even got to TK a fellow RED Demoman. Other than that, great job. I liked the details.

A day in 2fort.

Theres only what, 1-2 snipers, and they are shooting that many arrows.
I highly doubt it.

Yea, thats not the Blu sniper that did it, it was a red sniper, thanks for your critic, im gonna try C: