Do you like my UPDATED background?

Hey, i wasn’t sure if i should upload this on the other thread or if i should make a new one, so i just did this…

I tried some settings in post processing, and made it more… realistic…?

With editing:

Without editing:


Feedback is approved!

(User was banned for this post ("Wrong Section" - Asaratha))

(User was banned for this post ("Wrrong Section [Benji]" - Asaratha))

No I don’t like it.

Naw. Don’t really like the style of TF2. Too cartoony. Do something with Kleiner and Breen. Or Kleiner and Gman.

any suggestions / ideas? :slight_smile:

  • for the kleiner gman thing

I suggest

ooh … sorry… i didnt really think about that, i thought of it more of discussion but okay…

A discussion of a… What. Screenshot. No way!

discussion about how it looks and improvements…

Which is exactly what you were asking for…

“Like” and “Background” can rarely* be together in a positive sentence…

  • Very, very, very, VERY rarely.

Empty :frowning:

How did one sniper fire all those arrows?

Exactly why it’s dumb.

dont look at that image for christ sake, thats the old one.

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not if the sniper were using hacks?

It’d still be dumb.