Do you like sleepers?

I personally Hate it and I dont think its a good idea. Here’s why: It takes the emphasis off of using your imagination to craft large structures. It makes you worry about fortifying your house and really takes the fun out of the game. The Sleepers Experiment benefits hackers… I Had a huge House with metal doors and a roof and everything, no doors or anything were destroyed but i was killed and griefed by a hacker. The sleepers experiment is really not a good idea in my opinion. It makes the game unfair and leaves many loopholes to the game.

What do you think about sleepers?

that is the whole point of as hardcore survivial game worrying about building a safe enough structure to fedn off other players. i think it is a great idea and hope that it stays keep little whiney children from combat logging and its more realisitc.

I like em

I think it’s ok… makes you build a saver home.

But I agree that the hacking problem needs to be addressed asap.

So you don’t like sleepers because hackers can kill you? Do we not like anything else in the game? You know since hackers can just kill you at any time the game mechanics must suck huh? Wrong you got your items stolen by a hacker, suck it up and move to a more remote location, Switch Servers or stop playing for a good while. Making a thread with a poll about how a game mechanic sucks without providing a valid argument is childish. Your playing the Alpha to test the game, Mann up and start acting like a tester.

Sleepers is a great thing that was added to the game. Only carebears would disagree.

Havent played since unity crash and i didnt get my computer fixed until friday.

Sleepers are a great idea, however if we lived in a world without cheaters…(get my drift here?) sort out the no clipping and its perfect IMO.

Sleepers has more effect on people starting the game, and next to none on people who’ve been playing a while or in clans…

For new people, they don’t have a base, so very easy to lose everything they’ve got so far, because they’ve got no defence, and nowhere to stash their items.

For people who’ve been playing just long enough to have a base, it’s probably not a very large one with tons of internal doors, so it’s not necessarily that safe, but at least not homeless.
They could previously stash some of their most important items in their player inventory before they log off, so at least they weren’t likely to lose everything they had.

For the guys playing long enough to have a large metal base with tons of internal doors, they’re not likely to be worried about safety of their stuff as they log out - and even if they are, they’ll likely have too much stuff to keep in their inventory anyway, so really not affected by sleepers.

So… in effect, sleepers makes the rich richer, and the poor poorer. I dislike it.

If there’s so much of an issue with people taking stuff as they log out… just reduce the inventory size a bit… and if people are logging out in combat to keep their items, just add a countdown or something before the player body disappears, 5 minutes or something should be more than enough.

It seems to me that sleepers does solve the issues, but it’s the worst potential fix, and causes its own issues :frowning:

This is a well thought out post and I feel the same way. You have hit the nail on the head and the only people that will disagree with you are the same people you used as examples in your post.

Of course this poll will turn out to favor sleeper servers because most of the people that hate them are gone.

This will be a sad if the sleeper thing goes through fully in the main release. I am hopelessly addicted to this game myself so I will go on, but on a PvE server, if it ever goes back up i mean.

Bottom line: This sleeper thing only helps the clans, and the bigger the clan the better this is for them. Problem is they don’t even need the gear they take from you when they kill you at 3am while your in bed because you have a job to get to in the morning. So if they don’t need your gear and this is not a challenge for them then I ask…

What’s the point of this game?

Well I guess it’s for big clan battles. No room for the little guy. So join a clan or really no reason to play.

I like the sleepers thing, adds a new aspect to survival. But I have a big problem where when my network crashes I become a giant target and lose my hard work.

As it is now, sleepers is a bit broken because there really isn’t any effective way to fortify ones house, so at the very least the feature is premature.

That said however, if/when traps are implemented like Garry talked about in that announcement a few days ago, it aught to balance out quite substantially. Additionally the terrain additions to the map has presented far more opportunities to hide structures behind rocks and such, making “stealth” a much more viable option than the previously much more open map.

As far as building security goes, I’m still of the opinion that they should change Rust so that players cannot build on or directly adjacent to other players structures. The idea should be to break in, not build a ladder of crates to the roof, or get through the front door and stick a ramp in the entryway rendering the house useless.

It should be good, when you will be in game only like 2-4 hours after disconnecting = No fight disconnecting, still good amount of time to get killed.

I really hope more people get on board and this gets seen. People can very easily ruin someones house by building onto it and blocking them in. The crate building to scale walls is an issue too but that is an obvious glitch that would be removed in the full release.(I hope)

Why do we need a whole new thread for this? This was discussed so many times in other threads.

I agree with you 100% exactly my point. Theres really no chance of survival for that new player starting on a new server it makes the game really unbalanced.

The game is supposed to be challenging at first, thats what makes the gameplay intense and rewarding. Its not supposed to be easy or casual to just jump into and play for a few minutes. Sleepers are fine, its not hard to find a metal door blueprint or if you dont have one just log out in some cliffs somewhere hidden or in a basic shelter. there are ways around it, even starting out.

the sleeper system is both good and bad. It still needs worked on.

My Magic 8-ball says: “Too early to decide. Ask again later.”

But since this is alpha and I am a tester, here’s my 2 copper:

The good:

  • anti combat-log
  • adds more “realism”, tension, paranoia
  • puts more emphasis on teamwork/joining clan to take advantage of fortifications, body guards, extra supplies, etc

The bad

  • alpha hackers
  • casual solo players will be easy pickins due to not enough places to hide, not enough time to fortify/repair/etc, too much time between play sessions.
  • puts more emphasis on teamwork/joining clan… (can be negative to some)

Well Garry is firm about it.

I personally don’t like the sleeper.Too much no-clippers,what’s the point of making a good base?