Do you like the "open landscape" ?

How do you like the the procedural generated terrain so far?

Personally I think it is too open, little variation except a few mountains here and there.

I know this is alpha so dont come here screaming that it is. But the old map felt more rewarding to explore, in terms of difference in terrain. As it it right now in experimental it feels too big and too open to me. I would love to see more cliffs, hills and less open landscape.

What do you guys think about the procedural maps so far compared to the legacy Rust map?

Each server is different I made a server with a seed and it was mainly mountains, there are many different areas to explore, the deserts, forests, grasslands, snow, and mountains. All this squashed into only 8000m x 8000m. Once building/landmarks (like the wolf statue) are in and maybe roads and we as player populate the map with our own building and farms. This is gonna make 64square km feel very small.

For testing you can create your own server with a small map. But if you go on the official servers when there are 150+ players it dam near impossible to do anything without getting your head bashed in every 2 minute’s. This just proves the map is too small at the moment for large populations, but for testing it’s a good size, lots action to test the servers stability.

Edit: this map system is a vast improvement on the old static map in rust legacy, now when you get bored of the map (as you know every nook and cranny like most of us do with the old map), you can just move servers for a completely new expriance. It’s ment to be survival, it’s not if you know exactly where to go to get food/ammo etc. It’s set play,

I actually like it so far, it feels pretty… Realistic? In some way.

It looks amazing. However i do feel that maps are too open as well. They are planning to increase the sizes of forests, so that will definitely change. I’m guessing there will also be a lot of new rocks and rock formations added to the map system. Eventually we will all end up with a bunch of maps that we really love. No worries there, just patience. :slight_smile:

Since the maps are variable, this won’t be a problem later on. It’s just something we have to expect during this experimental alpha.

I really like the procedurally generated map(s).

I would love to see some gorges and rock cities in future…

I think the right word would be " flat map " instead of open landscape. I like the idea of open landscape but i dont like the idea of a flat map.

However as some people already mentioned everything can be configured and i think we will get a lot more biome types as the game dev progress.

i want caves


I’d love a bigger, flatter map if you could craft bikes or something. Running huge distances isn’t fun like that.

I like how the procedural terrain generation is progressing, however one of the main things I don’t really like is how unauthentic it feels. I’ve been thinking of what it might be that is causing it and I believe that one of the main problems with the map is how much water there is creeping into the landscape. Another thing might be how flat the terrain is. I find that maps that have many valleys, rolling hills, mountains, feel a lot more authentic then the experimental build of rust is. Just look at the legacy rust, arma maps, and even planetside 2 maps look and you’ll see what I mean.

^ I’m pretty confident it’ll change towards this in the future. Also different seeds spawn different maps, i’ve played some pretty cool maps already on different servers. Can’t wait for certain zones like radtowns or whatever to be spawned into the maps.

Procedurally generating rocks and rocky formations is, I imagine, rather harder than doing rolling terrain (I’ve done some basic LOD terrain mesh coding for funsies), so it makes sense that it would come later in that respect.

It would also be a polycount increase, so adding it in before some basic optimizations happen could be a risk to framerate. Low framerates aren’t a huge deal in alpha, but too low means fewer people will put up with it which in turn means less testing going on.

The ridges in legacy are great, I’m actually rather amazed I’ve never found a place where I got stuck in a hole via clipping or anything. Such places probably do exist but to have that much potential for it to happen and for it to happen not once after rather a lot of play time is pretty amazing.

I also think that they’re important for gameplay reasons. Too much open terrain would greatly reduce the life expectancy of ungeared/low-geared players, given how much easier it would be for geared players to spot them, and how much more difficult it would be to shake people chasing you. We certainly don’t need that survivability gap widened!

I do think the current Experimental map “feels” too big and open, but as others have commented, once there are a few more landmarks in and people start populating the map with structures, it will start to fill up.

At the moment it is impossible to navigate, and quite hard to find your way back to your cabin if you stray more than a couple of minutes away, but I think this will improve, as the map gets populated.

I have been playing Experimental for about 70 hours, and have only found the Wolf Monument 3 times. I have also spent about 4 hours searching for the herd of animals at the center of the map, to no avail. What I wouldn’t give for a Rusty compass! lol

Yes the current map seed is 7 it is a fairly flat map unlike this

from map seed 759013969

you really don’t need a compass use the sun/moon rises in east sets in west, also the snowy region is always to the north,

If you get on a server and are unsure if the sun/moon is rising or setting you can tell by this mothod
look for a shadow or your own if the shadow is becoming smaller the sun/moon is rising if it is elongating then it is setting.

using this and the moss once it goes back in navigation becomes quite easy as long as there is at least 1 mountain which map seed 7 seams to lack any outstanding mountains, so i agree current map is harder than most of the seeds i have tried

Hmm… maybe I am not as experienced as you, but I find it very hard, (almost impossible), to navigate using the sun/moon.

It’s fine if you are heading east/west, directly into the sun/moon, but once you turn and it is out of your field of vision, I find it hard to judge if I have turned 90° and am facing South, or I have turned 135° and am facing South-West. Plus rocks and trees on the horizon sometimes disappear as you approach them, and then reappear as you back away(?). Almost every time I stray more than a couple of minutes from my cabin, I end up getting lost and cannot find my way back…

The funny thing is that in the real world I have a terrific sense of direction, and never get lost. I guess I just have no sense of direction in the virtual world, lol.

Are you running using fastest setting on pre launch menu ?

there seams to be a problem with billboards/LODS when running in fastest, they are not sorting this out for a good reason, soon they are updating the tress to SpeedTree so no point in changing it to change it again if you know what i mean.

Actually, I was running in “Fast”, (second fastest), due to the fact that my frame-rate was lagging last week, but that could have been due to the documented UI lag. Maybe I should try it on a higher setting again…

I dont think its an issue of mountains, those exist. its all the boulders everywhere making mazes and hiding spots to sneak around in. the map definitely feels a bit open even though its looks realistic and awesome.

I like it but it needs some more filler: Rad Towns, more Forest’s and more rivers.