Do you like to see major changes take effect in Garry's Mod?

Do you like to see big things like toybox added to Garry’s Mod? simple one word answer question.


Not preticularly, along the lines of toybox. I find it rather pointless really. However, along the lines of dlls that will allow dramatic physics changes etc like Polyweld’s, thats fantastic

dynamic fluids dynamic fluids


Don’t want to change any current features. But things can always be added!

Better physics too, more specifically better welding, for example when you build a car, it should stay in one freakin’ piece, not flex like it’s made of elastic. Also, better sliders and hydraulics, no more spazzing.
Anyway it’s still pretty much the best game ever.

To answer the question, Yes, there’s always room for improvement, and i think the gmod team is only gonna make it better, not worse.

  1. Parenting
  2. Change the weight of the props being constrained. Should reduce spazzing.

@KFrohman this is stupid but i didn’t know there was parenting in gmod, i’ll try it out. Thanks.
As for point 2, it does reduce it, but when “a prop’s gotta go, a prop’s gotta go”, and the whole contraption goes haywire.

Surely this is just a case of: Yes, if it’s something I like and no if it’s something I don’t. It’s a question with a circumstantial answer, so a yes-no poll is irrelevant unless you’re more specific.

Not really, visible. But luawise, I’d love to.

I voted yes, but it depends, really.

Yes, please.

Everyone’s reading this as a “would you like” question, rather than a “do you like”. He said it in correct grammar; he was merely wondering if people liked it when gmod gets a big new thing put into it.

All opinions are welcomed non the less

one word? yes. ah shit…