Do you listen to music when you map?

Title says it, do you listen to music when you map?
Choose an answer and if you like, post which song(s) or style you listen to.

I myself listen alot to this:

edit: Download link is in the description.

There was literally a thread just like this a week ago.

And you never gave me my ambient sound! :argh:




Dont worry lol I have plenty I will share at the scary map contest :smile:

Oh and, sorry for the delay >.>

I’m listening to music right now as I map.

this song is so soothing.

Once in a while though, I like to take off my headphones and hear nothing while mapping.

Heavy Metal collection bro…Best 4 mapping

Ambient music

Facepunch gets classy.

Lovely and soothing.

Too much soothing music in this thread.

Indeed I do. Usually when I’m mapping, I list to something soothing like this

or this


It just calms me and puts me in a serene state of equilibrium, and helps me concentrate. :smile:


SOAD (i know right)

Listening to this atm.
Awesome swedish :smiley:

I usually just play my itunes. 2-3 days of music lol

Don’t think I’ll be running out of stuff to listen to anytime soon: