Do you need a game to use a map in Gmod?

I was wondering if you needed Left 4 Dead to play L4D Maps from sites like FPSbanana. Im wondering cause some of the l4d maps are what Im looking for, semi to warzone like atmosphere, dark for some, and still have enough room to pose and do placements of ragdolls and such. So, do I need the game or no? Tried some maps for games I dont have and didn’t play it :stuck_out_tongue:

L4D maps don’t work properly in GMod anyway, so yes you need L4D in order to play L4D maps in L4D.


5555 yaaay

Um, I was just talking about Gmod. Maybe something to do with the Shaders then.

They will work I think

Which L4D maps are you talking about?

Thats kind of hard. The ones that look like a urban battle without the firefights, fires burning in the street and from buildings, that kind of map(s). The Warzone feel to em if you had a war goin on :stuck_out_tongue:

If it has Half-Life 2 textures and models then no.