Do you need a new start? Join our EU server with Active Admins/Instacraft/PVP wiped 25.FEB

The perfect place to start. Recently wiped, few people in-game.
Help us to create the** perfect server!**

Some Info about the server.
PVP fun times no admin abuse new player friendly!
PVP enabled
Sleepers enabled
Admin powers only used to protect form cheaters
Looking for groups and clans to join
Freshly started on 24.Feb
CheatPunch : Facepunch’s Anti-Cheat

15-20 dedicated players currently have room for 50!

How do I join?
Press F1 -> net.connect

Thank you, thank you for the people who have joined so far!
More people, more fun!

Just updated the server with the new update!

Want to thank everyone for joining. at our peak we reached 28 players. There is still room for 32 more!

perfect server, couldn’t ask for a better one :v:


This is one of the better servers that i have played on!

i am very happy about the community and how mature the admin is!
this server is awesome,and i hope many more players will join :smiley:

the admin is on mostly every day and keeps track of hackers and game abusers, which in my opinion
makes this server frickin’ awesome!

keep up the good work man!
peace out!

Would love to see some more players over here