Do you need help with darkrp jobs?

Hello there people of the internet, my name is AccidentalGenius aka Cas,
Im a new Lua coder and becouse i need to learn it more im searching for someone to give me a job, i mean like: if you want jobs for you’re DarkRP server, i’ll make them for free for you.
Add my on skype: cas.weerkamp.
I do this for free, just to get exp.


because copy and pasting and changing a job name is exp

lua coding != configging

Colee, im just starting, and trying to help people? I want to try some things i can’t do to, like a level system or something.

How about instead you make your OWN server with all your own jobs? Eh, EH?

I already have that, but i want to help people.

He doesnt just mean DARKRP TEAM JOBS, he means jobs in the sense, “Hey dude i need a HUD” – “Sure man ill see what i can do, wont be too good, but itll be free!”

Dont bash him. He is trying to get some exposure, and he hasn’t claimed that he is “PRO LAU CODEH” or that he is charging $1337 for his skills.

OnTopic: Goodluck with your lua learning!

If you want to help people, instead of waiting for others to respond, just go ahead and make things for yourself. If you like it in the end, you can release it publicly and lots of people benefit instead of just one!

And if you want some inspiration just go to coderhire and make a copy of an addon there and release it for free :smiley:

If you want to make me a taco vendor complete with a taco van that he makes tacos out of, then hell yeah…

Unless he’s foreign and doesn’t know English very well at all, it sounds like he is talking about making darkrp teams/jobs.