Do you need internet to play gmod?

Im afraid of that, becouse i’m leaving (holydays) and I won’t be able to connect to internet, but I want to play gmod.

Does it works without internet (On steam offline mode)?

if your game is fully updated, it should work offline.

then again steam offline is a bad, unpredictable system

But what about if gmod updates while im on offline-mode. That will broke it?

It can’t, hence the offline part.
If you’re on a laptop and you’re gonna play gmod on that just leave it in standby and when you can’t connect, steam will still think it’s online. (but it can’t connect for obvious reasons)

Not really on a laptop.

So you are bringing desktop to holiday? Can’t argue with that, but as Character said, its unpredictable in offline mode.

It depends what mood the God of Offline mode is. If he is happy, then offline mode will work, if he is not, then it won’t work.

At least, that is how I explain the arbitary behavior of offline mode. If it works, then GMod will work offline, too. If it doesn’t, then none of your steam games will.

this is honestly probably the most accurate explanation of Offline Mode

Mind due the use of hibernation is the best. Just hibernate it and whatever is still running will be fine. Even steam won’t complain.

Wtf people? So full of crap.

You can play Gmod without internet or offline if you don’t have corrupted files, this is usually from powering off improperly (pulling plug, holding down the power button).

If you don’t got internet, it’ll say that steam cannot connect to internet, do you want to launch in offline mode or retry connection. Then, obviously, you choose offline if you don’t got internet.

You still can play gmod on a laptop, but since most laptop keyboards don’t have the num-pad, you will be disadvantaged with all the cool things you can do in gmod since most of the tools require number assigning to do cool stuff, although you can go to the settings and change the key configuration by sacrificing certain keys for the numpad keys.

Doyou realize you just re-posted what everyone just said? Also you must be knew here. Common sense.

Not really. Most people were saying that it’s UNPREDICTABLE if gmod works without internet/offline when that’s a total lie. You can play gmod any time as long as your file are working fine and you have a working laptop.

I tested that theory when I went to South Africa, it asked me to log in. Even when Offline mode was checked before I left.

I can confirm this is not true. Playing in offline will almost guarantee some sort of fuckup for me, which is annoying because my internet is so shit I don’t want to wait for Steam to connect to it.

Lol. Steam works perfectly fine for me when playing any game that doesn’t require internet. I can go to a place with no internet, if my client can’t detect any, then it’ll allow my the option to launch in offline mode. And unless I need to play on a server, there is no problem playing offline.

@RubberFruit: That’s your internet/gmod.

@digigamer17: The person asked what he could do to play gmod if he couldn’t access internet, simply just be logged in before the connection loss. Could be your addons. I recall one that crashed your client (dling addon) if you didn’t have internet.

You’re right, since your can run it, everyone else must be able to as well! :smiley:

What a fucking horrible way to think.

What addons? It was a clean install.

I have a clean install of gmod, and even after I added like 50 addons of tools/npcs/cars/ragdolls, still works fine offline. You should verify your game cache. Any game that is playable offline would work without internet on steam.

Nice contradiction.

If you try to log into Steam, and try to choose Offline mode, it doesn’t work all the time. That’s what they mean my unpredictable. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. Last time I tried it it said “Can’t connect to Steam Network, try again later” (or something similar). Now stop blaming other people that they don’t know what they are talking about, you don’t what you’re talking about.