Do you need to be good at mathematics to learn coding?

Title says it all.

it doesn’t hurt

You don’t, mathematics aids you greatly though.

I know basic stuff from when i used to go in highschool, but that’s it. I’ve always wanted to learn coding, but I’ve always said to myself that i can’t learn it because I’m not amazing at math.

Vectors and Trigonometry are useful if you are coding for gmod.
Advanced calculus, matrices, quaternions etc. also help but they are definitely not necessary.

It sometimes seems like those who don’t have a mathematical mind, also don’t have too much programming talent.

This is definitely not always true, but there is some undeniable correlation even if there’s no direct causation.

I’m nearing bottom set maths in my class, and yet in programming class the teacher has said for me to be one of the best there.

It will help you if you know how the maths work, advanced math is not exactly needed all the time.

You don’t need maths to learn programming, but knowledge of maths definitely helps in applying your programming knowledge. Like drawing objects on the screen is just part off the programming, but putting those objects in a circle is maths.

Thank you all so much for all your replies. I highly appreciate that you took time out of your day to reply.