Do you ping? How much?

I always wondered if people play far away servers with higher ping, or (like me) only play on servers close to them. When I see people advertise their server, I think: if I am not close to the server, I wont even think about playing on it.

For me, close servers have ping in the 30s. I often play on a server with ping 50-80. And I might consider ping up to 120 or so (playable but not great). So the top server lists, or people saying come play on my server, don’t make any sense to me.

What about you?

Since I’m in a group of friends with many different nationalities, I end up playing on servers with ping around 150~200. Anything above 200 is annoying, though.

I’m brazilian and most of my friends are from Europe so usually we end up playing on USA servers which are like half way from Europe and Brazil at the same time. If the server connection is decent, I can get 150 ms and my friends from Europe get something around 110~120.

I also have the option to play on brazilian servers with ping around 30~50, but playing with my friends is much better. Also, from my game experiences, 150ms is pretty decent to play, even FPS games. I’ve been playing battlefield 3 with that ping on american servers for years and it doesn’t really affect my performance, based on the amount of MVP’s I get.

I life in Purmerend wich is 10km from Amsterdam, the server I host stands in Amsterdam. Got a ping around the 15. Hehe!

Thanks. Your whole post is really helpful. I don’t know to much about common ping levels and gaming.


The ping also depends on the game , in Rust if u have 200 ping it is playable , on most servers my ping is about 30-60 but I also played on the US ones which get me to about 200 and it was kinda the same experience but in CS on the other hand for example if u have 100-200+ ping it gets annoying.

normally ping around 60-110 depending. have gotten as low as 20’s but honestly, telstra sucks.

did see a guy a while back who had ping of 3 playing TF2. that bastard…

One thing I never understood in Rust was the fact that I get something around 200~230ms on USA east coast (official server).

I live in the south of Brazil and I spent most of my online gaming time playing on USA east coast servers on different games (battlefield 2, battlefield bad company 2, battlefield 3, bloodline champions and some other games). I always get something around 140~150ms on USA east coast servers. On Rust, for some reason, I get 200~230ms. I never really complained or made a serious research about it (I’m not an expert) because the game is in Alpha, but I really hope it gets ‘fixed’ somehow.

It must be the specific servers owned by the hosting companies. If they are doing it right, there will be less ping. If they are doing it cheap, there will be more ping (I think).