Do you play Singleplayer? [POLL]

I really like singleplayer but I think most people have moved on to only playing Multiplayer. I’m not saying I don’t like multiplayer, I just like singleplayer still.

Anyways, vote and post!

I play single ocassionally, usually to test things. Gets lonely though. Having one’s own build server is nice. Almost the best decision I’ve ever made, but it gets overshadowed by my decision to start flight school.

Seeing as how you’re a pilot, is flying anything like Microsoft Flight Sim?

I never play multilayer. Same with minecraft, left 4 dead and other games that have an option.

I only play singleplayer. When I did play Multiplayer, every server, minus one, was just full of dumbasses.

I only played singleplayer but was because my inet connection is shit and is tad annoying having lag or getting disconnected.

I play multiplayer to play serious rp or the servers that actually need forum access to play. Jailbreak is becoming fun too. I use singleplayer to play around with the toybox and make wars. The other day I made a war on rp_salvationnight between a constant group of spawning combine soldiers and only about 20 rebels and me. We held out for quite a while.

I only play singleplayer when looking at new maps for my server, or testing out code because I break everything I write… usually forgetting a semi colon or an end… on every line.

Much to my surprise, it really is. I use X-plane for maneuvering practice (more accurate flight model), and FSX for cross country and radio practice. My only real complaint about FSX is the stall horn is 1 or 0, and not gradual, starting before the event of a stall, like in real life. But yeah, simulator practice does wonders for my flying, even without a significantly realistic interface.

Only when my server network needs some extra worlds or addons to other worlds

I usually play singleplayer.

Hell yes I do. I honestly can only think of a handful of times I’ve ever played Gmod multiplayer in my six years of it.

Nope [sp]Everyone has/does[/sp]

I’m starting to play multi-player more frequently, used to play single player but that was because I couldn’t find any good servers, now I’ve found some.


90% Multiplayer, except on singleplayer-only games. I don’t think I’ve ever played gmod singleplayer, unless I was coding or my net was down.

A mix between the two. I often use singleplayer to test my maps and stuff, but otherwise multiplayer.

I only play singleplayer because multiplayer is laggy as shit, can’t stand having a ping over 200, and also having to wait for all the shit the server wants me to download.

Ive only played once to get the singleplayer achievement thingy

I play singleplayer a hell of a lot more due to having to download so much shit upon joining every server