Do you play Star Trek Online?

I’m working on a massive pack of Star Trek ship props, most of which have bridges in them.

ApwnInTheDark’s Star Trek Pack

I’m totally satisfied with the quality of the models I rip from Star Trek Legacy, as well as the bridges from just about every other Star Trek game, but there are a few Ships and bridges I absolutely cannot find anywhere other than Star Trek: Online - which I don’t have access to.

Ripping a model isnt much harder than taking a screenshot and in exchange, I would be willing to port and/or modify content from another game of your choosing. I would send it directly to you for you to use privately or upload under your name. Models only, no scripting.

I need:

Danube class shuttle (Runabout)

Cardassian Galor class ship

Cardassian Galor bridge

Enterprise 2009 bridge (not sure if its in ST:O)

TOS Enterprise bridge

Many of these things may not actually be availible for players to use, but if you simply see them as part of the map, thats just as good.

If anyone is interested, PM me, lets work something out, and I’ll give you the rundown on ripping. In a nutshell though: Install 1mb ripper, load game, find model to rip, push button, send me files.


hope someone can help :c

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i know you already released the pack but just incase you still need them i have star trek online and would gladly give you models if you wished just need to know how to get them from the game