Do you think a cartoonish theme server is stupid?

What is my idea:
I wanted to make my server feel more cartoonish/funny/nostalgic, so I started redesigning certain aspects of game-modes to look/play differently. I sorta feel like this idea is stupid though, so before I do anything more I wanted to get some input.


What everything is:
Diaper - The diaper is your extra lives.
Cookies - The cookies are your points.

*Collecting 10 cookies will give you more points to use in the pointshop
*collecting 100 cookies will grant you a extra life
*Plays music from the show

Upcoming Ideas:
*taunts that can be bought int he pointshop where you can play some quotes from rugrats
*Different avatars you can pick of the characters
*Different models where you can buy to look more like the characters from the show
*Change all crowbars to the baby rattle from the show
*change beginning rounds to have animations of text for better visual effects

Ideas that probably won’t be done:
*Add in ability of sugar rush where if you collect enough cookies you get a boost of speed temporarily
*Add in different weapon types like a bottle to shoot milk

  • Change movements of players to get a more cartoonish feel
    *Change models to have cellshading and such

I am not limiting this to Rugrats just was the first one I thought I get done.

That’s awesome, Rugrats was my shit back in the day. Keep it up!

Yes, I do.

I think it’s a great idea

It’s definitely unique and while “childish,” it’ll bring back some good memories for players.