Do you think Comment spam is getting out of hand?

I got a message from someone (who wants to keep his name secret) about how he hated Garry’’s comment system where people are spamming on his files.

Look at the poll for some cheese. :frogdowns:

There shall be boxes.

I wasn’t aware anyone actually read the comments.

They’re too damn far down the page.

More for my box castle.


You can build one too! :buddy:

I don’t really care about comments, so I’ll just rate you box like the poll tells me to.
The poll never lies.
The poll always tell the truth.
Obey the poll.
He is your master.

Comments were a stupid idea for the website anyway.

Comments let me call people morons for liking Kermite’s weapons without getting banned. It’s pretty great. :chef:

It’s useful if a lot of people explain the file is a virus/retarded. Other than that just don’t look at them. (A “view comments button”?)

Because the flag button doesn’t work?

Hmm, I guess it doesn’t.

There’s a flag button?


Comments to me seem more helpful.

its quiet humorous to read the comments sometimes…alot of people just going “this is good OH-EMM-GEE”