Do you think Gmod community is horrible?

Wadda ya think.
Post here opinions and feelings about GMOD community.

Well, I guess like a lot of gaming communities, the majority are assholes, but there’s a small percentage that’s really, really awesome.

Like, I met a lot my current friends and partner (whose house I’m currently staying in!) on Garry’s Mod so I think there’s good here. Although I’m not denying that a lot of Gmod players are selfish, obnoxious and severely lacking in self-awareness.

Yeah. Say you make a gamemode/community ect. many people will put you down. Accuse you of copying, or just having a shit idea. But yeah, most of the community are fucking stupid assholes. But again, there are some nice people. :slight_smile:

The gmod community certainly is full of cunts but I’ve seen worse, try playing APB reloaded if you want a truly terrible community. Best thing to do is run a server with a gamemode you enjoy, if it gets popular then you’ll most likely meet a lot of awesome people through it.

Despite what people say, I still think that the gmod community is really nice. In fact, if anybody asked me this in a conversation then I’d probably respond with mu. I have yet to find any game with a community that is completely negative. Even in league, which gets blamed as having one of the worst communities, I’ve met tons of fun and friendly people.

Some people do have bad attitudes and there isn’t always something that can be done about it; but a major part of it really is your attitude, how you react, and who/what you associate with.

the Gmod Steam community is, but others, like here and digitalero arent that bad.

I find it interesting that in such a cheap game built around modding, you can have so many assholes and elitists together. I have met hundreds of people through gmod, have helped dozens with various issues, have met several good friends and joined a community of fun and hilarious people. It is probably impossible to get a really good community, especially with such a low median age, because people don’t even know how to do community well. Gmod community bad? No. Better than other communities? In some aspects yes, in many aspects, no.

It used to be a lot better than it is today. I’m not so active these days but back in '06 the community was great, the collaboration that went on among the Lua coders was great and a few years down the line ('09?) people were generally helpful when I released my SVN updater.

A large part of it is honestly; it’s due to all the attention it’s gotten from YouTubers.

It does take some searching to find something good. and most servers are like food. they first look good, then over time, they decay and rot. When your preferred server starts to stink, just head off and find another. terrible servers should not keep getting players.

I posted in the general forums one time, and accidentally mentioned my gamemode project. children kept giving me dumb ratings and yelling at me. It’s like ravenholm to me now.

So if they are the ones playing the game as well, then yes I think they are horrible little heathens.

The communities don’t bug me, the people treating it as a business piss me off.

Well just like every game. You got your good and your bad. I think with gmod though there is more good than bad. The problem mainly with people’s perception is that the bad is generally more memorable than the good(hopefully that made sense). The main issue I feel is people like seananners were they go and make youtube videos of themselves greifing/minging(sp?) on servers. I do feel though it was better a couple years ago, but I mean with every videogame it generally is better earlier on then later.

probably because people discovered that if your server is popular enough you can actually make a profit from donations, then suddenly it all turns into private code hoarding and ddos wars between large communities