Do you think I m joking? Sit down be humble and take it in your face

Based on source 2… Coming on Sandbox soon :slight_smile: I get my key let so…


Cool model, but I don’t get the title.

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might be a quote from back the future idk

Looks cool, what is it? Also seatbelts don’t need to be snakeskin leather, I think a nice black fabric would do fine , the black part of the buckle and clip look good:doughnut:

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He added the pic of the seatbelt after I made my comment so I didn’t see it, I’ve already seen it and remember telling him to tone down the normal map as well, guess he likes it that way.


Looks nice
But dude, please, tone down the normal map for seat belt and the plug thingy, it is killing the ‘realism’

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I have to agree with the above comments, the model looks great from the angles you’ve shown. However the texture of the seatbelt is kind of jarring. I’d recommend either toning down the normal to make it less jarring or change the texture to something that looks more like fabric and less like leather. From what I’ve seen online the DeLorean seatbelts look something like this.

Keep up the great work and keep us updated!!


Thank you for all advices !

Thank you so much ! :slight_smile: