Do You Think I'm Hacking?

This video showcases an event going on in a server we were playing (hence naked killings). An admin got suspicious of these shots so I sent them this video. One of them thinks I could be no recoiling in this video. I’m asking for your opinions just so I can understand from the admin’s perspective and also show them your response. inb4 “self-advertising”, just want to see everyone’s opinion which is why I demonetized the video. Thanks for your feedback. If you have any questions I will respond to them.

No hacks, it is just Rust and and lag imo

nope looks pretty legit, and funny xD

Thanks for the feedback!

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It was a great event, very stressful lol.

It was very mature of you to demonetize this video. Even if you did hack, I’ll take your side on this one.

(But for further reference, no, it doesn’t look like hacking.)

slow rate of fire with a p250, i saw nothing suspicious.

Not sure.

Recoil on every shot, you are shooting quite slowly (most of the time), looks entirely normal.

No you’re not hacking. Recoil on every shot, you were shooting pretty slow.

I would agree that in no way, shape, or form did you hack. I think the admins are sore losers haha.

Nope , nothing here

I completely agree (even if I fat fingerd disagree). Everything about the clip looks natural.

You were obviously hacking here, it’s pretty clear.

Thanks for the responses everyone! Trying to get a hold of the admins but so far no response regarding me and my group’s ban.

(Yes, I was banned from the server along with my group this night but they are apparently reviewing the footage you see here.)

Explain plz.

Nothing to explain, you’re simply hacking. That’s it.

Oh, looked at your profile. Troll. kk gotcha.

I like messing with people :wink:

Well we can all agree you’re not GrimmyBear

Im actually finding it hard to see why anyone would think you were hacking…

Edit: A Word.

For a second I was hoping this would be rb | Zero #2 but nope.

On topic: You’re not hacking in that video far as I’m concerned