do you think instantly getting banned for accidentally posting in the wrong section is a little extreme

im actually scared to post questions in the Help & Support or the Developer Discussion because i’ve seen people getting banned for posting in the wrong section by what looks like a accident

i understand getting banned for repeated offenses

it looks like Help & Support is for if gmod is not working right but i see people posting questions about the pointshop and there ok but some people get banned for asking about a gamemodes

on Developer Discussion seem to be the place to ask about scripting but i see people getting banned for asking questions about scripting

i just want to know if im the only one having this fear of asking the community for help on these fourms

and if someone could point me in the right direction

i have not gotten banned before and i do not want to be

it’s for like a day, get over it. it’s not like you get permad or anything.

o it only for a day never mind then

i thought it was a perma ban

Reading stickies is hard.


Don’t worry; I’m one of the main people who looks over the gmod sections and providing you haven’t done it repeatedly, I usually just close thread and point the OP in the right direction

If you’re ever unsure where something just go, feel free to send me a PM or whatever

Here at Facepunch, bans are your warnings.