Do you think Nuclear Dawn will be Mountable?

If you don’t know what it is here

Anyway do you think so? I hope it will be ,but I doubt it will happen.

No because it sucks.

fucking ripoff of empires

It might be possible, but it will be buggy.

I dont know, but the game itself looks fun as hell.

It depends if they’ve changed any of the formats which is probably unlikely.

The engine is the same as TF2 and Portal. And Gmod and Episode 2.

It will be mountable if Garry decides to do it. If not, we can always mount it ourselves.

Also, if it was a ripoff of Empires mod, then half the games on today’s market would be ripoffs. And Natural Selection (1) was the first FPS-RTS hybrid game that I know of.

Steam and Xbox live logo do not belong together.

You got this, which started development before Natural Selection released. (I think, if I read it right)

Holy fuck, they’re still working on it?

I remember years ago, everyone on here was talking about how it’s vaporware (it was usually referred to as “Nuclear Yawn”). They are the kings of releasing lots of hype media.

I think I remember hearing that Garry very briefly helped out with it, but that ended badly

Well I hope they’re serious about releasing this year

Well lets just hope that it actually gets released and doesn’t go the road of dare I say it…

Hmm, i just said no because i haven’t seen a new game mounted to Gmod since i started playing it, atleast addons still kind of work sometimes without too much crashing on good days if yoru lucky though… I guess…

You can’t have been playing long then.

Zeno Clash support was added in May last year.

Well I just want fancy new ragdolls, props, and effects to toy around with.