Do you think that base construction should be limit in heigt? Having a max number of floor permitted.

I will like to know if I’m alone thinking that Méga base is not a good thing in this game…

It’s not a good thing for the gameplay if a group build a base so large than no one could ever raid it because it will need way to much ressource. Nobody should be fully safe to keep the balance, ant to keep the fun and the stress of knowing that you can loose your stuff.

And in a survival situation it will be totally impossible to build a 20 story high building made of wood plank.
I think that base need to have a max number of story permited… I guess something beetween like 2 to 4 story for wood and 3 to 5 story for metal should make it more realistic and will improove the gameplay.
I know it’s not a realistic game and it’s not a simulation in any way… And I love the way it is… but I realy think that giant base and sky scraper have no place in Rust.

Rust isn’t a DayZ survival game clone, I see no problem with long term feats of progression such as large bases.

I think there should. I’m fine if they want to have a large 5-6 story base, sure, but not these giant towers made of stair cases shooting up to the sky/

I personally like the huge structures. I’ll never create one myself (I play solo), but I like stumbling across some of the crazily large creations that teams come up with.

No. Let people be free. Rust is about freedom.

Setting limits in relation to material used for building and foundation width/depth to me is a great idea.

yes, there is just a need of stronger doors and building materials first, so you can make small hidden bases that still take a lot of c4 to raid

You could limit height without artificially limiting height with two steps.

  1. Give each building material tensile strength.
  2. Add wind.

(Ok, it’s not really that simple, you’d need to calculate the amount of torque placed on the top of a structure based on wind speed and distance from the base, but you know what I mean.)

With proper building methods you could still make skyscrapers.

First my thoughts, given the game of Rust, and the apocalypse (or whatever the lore is), I think the housing should be limited. Of course, I was playing on a server and built a mansion, but that was just to prevent housing loss from decay. It makes sense and doesn’t take us out of the game when we enter/exit our little modest homes.

Now to comment on others comments…Rust, a game of freedom…and you will also get killed by other players when you don’t want…not so much. Letting people do as they want has no bearing on the massiveness of their house. I’d be fine if Facepunch only allowed us the wood shelters…or at least increase to Large Shelters so we don’t block ourselves in because our shack is too small.

And that being said, in regards to the decay feature…if people are building large because of this, I understand it…but not a good immersive game mechanic. If anything, allow people to re-inforce their structures like the ramp “glitch”. Of course the programmers would have to go in and put in code to allow a player to see the “health” of their structure.

Just opinion…don’t hate me…or do if you want :wink:

Rust is supposed to be a survival game, regardless of the fact that it currently isn’t. It should have a lot more in common with the feel of DayZ than that of Minecraft. Personally, when I log onto a server and every valley looks like downtown Manhattan, I turn right around. Not only does it inhibit the feel of the game, it generates lag and promotes trolling/griefing; once you have a giant base with too many doors to raid and there’s nothing left to do, most players sit in their clocktower with a BAR and snipe at newbies to prevent them from gathering resources. Does anyone want to play that game?

-Implement real physics: component strength and weight. Cross the threshold of height vs. support and the decay rate starts going up exponentially. Implement something similar for width (decay rate) to prevent sprawling 1-story carpets. This has been suggested plenty of times, though it might take a while to code.

-In line with what the previous player proposed: allow players to reinforce existing components at a higher cost of materials, with the cost going up exponentially with each level of reinforcement. That means a group can use the same resources to create a strong small to medium sized base instead of having to build a giant obnoxious castle. Instead of air drops of C4, introduce craftable molotov cocktails… and the ability to reinforce your base against fire. The fewer components you have to reinforce/treat, the fewer vulnerable parts of your base.

-Give players more incentive to play stealthily: non-load-bearing half-components that allow for easier builds in tight spaces or caves, camouflaged tents that work on the same principle as small stashes (invisible at more than a few meters), natural camouflage coverings for small houses or shacks that changes the appearance to be closer to either grass/bush/rock and shortens the rendering distance to medium etc.

I don’t play with huge bases, I usually do a few 1x1s hidden around the map, but I don’t agree that we should set limitations on base height, as it goes against player freedom, which is what the devs want to provide players with.

I said yes for one simple reason…server performance. By the time you get 40 bases that are all 5X5X30’s the server goes to complete shit. Fix that and then I’ll flip my vote and say let people run free!

I think your computer’s graphic card goes to shit and not the server.

There is a point though where even high end computers are being affected a bit once there are a TON of huge bases in the same area.

I would like to see more buildings that form a little town / village of a clan / big group rather than a big tower that goes far up in the sky.

There is an easy fix… the higher you build the faster the decay due to weather.

This allows for building as high as you want, while limiting how effective that is.

omg the almighty garry is reading this O_O

Yes, man, but this is something that will probably be fixed in the future as we are playing this game in Alpha. That’s not a reason to limit building, really.

me too, but i think the vote is loaded.

i voted no, but that’s not because i like to play with shit like that. it’s because i don’t think people should be restricted

Once the base loads in it’s totally fine, the problem is the lag hang up that hits when the base goes to load. I’m pretty sure my PC can handle it just fine looks at a GTX 780 :slight_smile: