Do you think there is anyways to selectivly give admin when needed?

*I don’t think this is possible to create a system like this but I wanted to know what you guys felt. *

Do you think it is possible to make a system where no one is admin unless a player needs a admin?

I was pondering what would be a good system to help lower power corruption in players.

Example: User A screams about getting stuck - > Grant user B admin -> User B solves problem -> User B loses admin

How would you know if User B abused their powers?

Example, User A gets stuck -> User B gets admin -> User B does nothing about User A -> User B abuses admin powers

If you are wiling to grant users admin powers in the first place, they must be pretty trustful to do so.

Or User A could just be a friend of User B and then the whole system is corrupt.

See that is what I was thinking too about that way.

Another way I was thinking about doing it was based on a democracy system fused with the gamemode itself.

Some person keeps killing people and getting thrown in jail - > add to record - > Eventually the persons crime record causes a court session to be put into place -> the server itself votes on punishment -> Punishment can be complete reset of player and stats/ Kick/ Or Ban for a certain amount of time

I feel this too can be abused because if the whole server is full of trolls they can abuse the f out of this system. Also forcing players to have to go to court to determine someones punishment could be annoying UNLESS it provides enough cash and the gamemode itself pushes away that kind of behavior int he first place to lessen this need.

for people who are stuck it’d make more sense to just give the stuck guy noclip for 1-2 seconds then turn it off (or maybe check that he isnt inside something and then instantly turn it off, no idea how well you can check that), rather than giving another player entirely admin powers, but even the noclip thing could be abused pretty hard

more generally the “any sort of help -> give someone admin” thing is just so open to being abused, that’s a lot of trust you’re putting on a random player, unless you have a small community who you know is gonna use it just to help and nothing else I could never see it working

Interesting idea but not practical

I am sorry I should have clarified I didn’t mean a random player. I meant a trusted admin that you decided to begin with.

sorry if I’m being stupid, why not give them admin permanently anyway in that case? in most admin mods it’s easy enough to make a stripped down kick/ban/teleport rank

oh, just re-read your op, I mean it might help a little but I only give admin to players I can trust (or hope I can trust) to have the power all the time, maybe with a really good plan a system like this could work but it’s still a bit strange to me

Admin assistance call: A player has to to file a report. The admin has to go through that system. They have to click a button to teleport to them. The admin can do a command for example !midway and it can be options such as ‘Dismiss’ or ‘Bring the player who recently killed the victim’ etc… Once the Admin has decided, he does !done then he can select whether to punish or dismiss. So basically, they don’t do the actions… The system (console) does. Which avoids most admin abuse cases, yes this can go much more deeper but that is a rough overview of what I am trying to say. More the point, you should put people who you gaining trust with on the Mod rank and limit their permissions then put trusted staff to the Admin group… More to the point, if you can’t trust your staff, then you have some problems.

This wasn’t for me I just was pondering on that thought because my friend and I were discussing how power corrupts people and I was wondering if something like this would be beneificial to the admins in gmod.

its flat out too abusable

just dont give shitheads that you dont trust admin, problem solves

I think it would be more practical to do something like this;

User A gets stuck -> User A uses command “!unstuck” -> User A gets unstucked
User B wouldn’t have to get involved, there is no potential abuse, problem is solved.

Another idea is that, you could make a system that replaces real admins with “Artifical admins” in a way. Could be through an automated menu or something, I’m thinking of something like:

User A lockpicks door of User B -> User A did not type “/advert RAID” before lockpicking suspect’s door -> User A kills User B -> User A gets kicked/warned/punished for not adverting raid in chat.
User A gets a hit on User B -> User A kills User C -> User A gets kicked/warned/punished for killing the wrong person.

There can be flaws with the automated way of course but, the point is, there are other ways to solve problems that an admin can normally solve.

why not just give them votekick