Do you think this addon is a good idea?

Do you think it be a good idea to make a add on that replaces all textures in a map that a player doesn’t have with default hl2 textures? It would need to be similar though, so we don’t have a concrete texture on a grass texture. I was thinking about this because I keep getting people asking me why they see black and pink textures when they download gmod, only for me to find out they only own gmod and that is it.

I know this would ruin how textures look in-game, but atleast I wouldn’t get ddosed with post about “MY EYES THE PINK AND BLACK TEXTURES”.

Tell them to get the CSS then? You don’t have to buy the game. (There’s this website, not illegal, but I’m on my Phone atm)

cs cheater is the site Author.

How about you add the materials to a FastDL, if I am correct, it isn’t illegal, since you aren’t giving them counter strike the game, only some assets, and Valve are pretty chill when it comes to that.

i have a feeling players would spend more time downloading it than its worth

Yeah seems like a good idea what would make it better is if it flashed a message saying, “Missing Textures Detected to Fix Issue Mount CS:S.”

Wasn’t there a project or something about bringing very low-quality css textures to gmod for those who don’t have the game?

I already made something like this, but there are a few problems…

When the client does not have a texture, it is reverted to the ERROR texture. When an ERROR texture appears, all traces of the original texture are wiped out. So, you replace a texture that is an error texture and no texture will be replaced. You replace the error texture and all error textures are replaced.

The issue is the client needs to have the texture, or something named exactly the same. Is it worth creating thousands of empty texture files ( which would take forever on FastDL to download but could be probably for Workshop )?

Then, you also have to go through the map and select which texture goes where:

OR you get the CSS files from Moddb. I believe they have them.

Meh I was hoping there was some way to eliminate players needing to have certain games just to get the textures. I am guessing you can not override the error hook before it changes the textures to errors. I know I can make them download the textures they need for that map.