Do you think we will end up getting something like Gmod Tower but in S&ndbox?

And if yes what would you want in it? Discuss


Reminds me of

As to answer the question, a community like that will definitely pop up, hopefully a lot of them since Gmod Tower was one of a kind.


Gmod Tower was quite unique in terms of what they did, largely because gmod was usually so limited with what it can do. They were pretty exceptional developers to work around those limitations and make an environment like that. I imagine we’ll get something similar.


Hopefully it will come back. But if it’s made by original dev’s then it probably will get a paywall as “Tower Unite” goes for 16$


Yes, simply because it existed and was so popular.

With S&box it may be much easier to achieve those things, and regardless they will be of a higher quality.

I’d want better games, and better houses, and better layouts, and things like skateboards to use in the hub.


defo not by the original devs, they are sticking with tower unite and other older devs who left have moved on and work on other games now,
so someone would have to re-do it from scratch, all new assets and so on since they are under heavy copyright and so on, but the game concepts like normal minigolf, knockoff timesplitters, knockoff monkeyball, almost jaykin bacon and such could be re-done for sure since they are quite generic concepts, but also some new gamemodes.

it would be nice to see but if it ever did get done, i wonder if it would be able to capture what gmtower felt like to play, it better limit what player models are there since its much funnier seeing snake with an afro rather than someone’s OC that is awful quality, oh and also no custom images, canvases are nice concept for building in TU but not when you join someone’s home and its the 20th time that day there is just porn on the walls again.


I’ve got a few plans of ‘curator’ servers/maps that are basically hubs with doorways into different gamemodes people can play. Depending on how much control we have over networking, the aim is to make it seamlessly transition between game modes people would want to try out.

It would be less integrated than gmod tower, and would focus more on the curation and discovery of different gamemodes and maps/environments.


Yes, I can see something big like that happening in S&box eventually.


I’ve said before I’ve got a big interest in creating some kind of social hub so yeah.


if someone creates a better version before the devs can get their hands on it it should be able togain the popular vote.


Myself and an ex-gmt dev (ognik) (and maybe 2 others idk) will likely be doing a social hub. Idk what the theme will be but I toyed around with a cruiseship a couple months ago, it’s quite shit though and I haven’t touched it since.

Once the game rolls around we’ll be going ham on it lol.

Although personally, I like the idea of something more akin to Playstation Home. :thinking:


People seem to forget they made their own standalone game on steam. Tower Unite on Steam


People seem to remember that it’s way worse than they had in gmod.
Also, after reading how much crap has happened because of the main dev, nobody would want to give him money.


It’s still in EA after 4 years ( 5 next month ), still runs a bit optimized with a lot of frame drops and stuttering, they are slow on adding new stuff and have a shady past behind them.


Tower Unite is not a bad game,
but it isnt gmod tower
completely lost most of the feel that gmod tower had,
its not a social hub environment, its just a bunch of game modes really,
no longer has that focus on the main plaza type environment being the main place, most people just go right to minigolf and ignore the rest of the game or hide in their own condo with all the porn on the walls


I really hope that we get unique and fun servers like gmod tower at least. I really hope the release of s&box will inspire people to take risks and make crazy new ideas and not just a bunch of rp servers. sadly they make up the vast majority of servers on gmod today, and while i enjoy them. it just feels like a waste considering how much potential there is like gmod tower for both games.

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we will most likely see the most popular and unique garry’s mod modes eventually on s&box. Its only logical that someone would like to remake famous mods from garry’s mod on source 2. I hope that someone remakes breach, the secret laboratory steam game isn’t cutting it for me.