do you wanna fUcK OfF with the ADS?

I would like if you were given the option to throw stones into the game thanks.

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I fail to see how that would do you much good over, say, a bow? Throwing a rock at someone isn’t going to do much damage, it will just piss them off.

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“How dare you think my idea is bad, here is a box!”

Do you live here?

do you want my black sister to put you in a headlock so you can sniff her armpit? TY

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Let me whip a rock at your head and tell me it doesnt do dmgs

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LE kok***

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I live on forums, not just this one. It’s how I spend most of my free time. Exciting, I know.

bon huk

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r u n artistic pooter

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huckle berry handy

WATCH OUT tough guy

You should be able to throw your stone at people, but unless you can get it back you’re fucked for harvesting until you kill somebody with your bare hands and take their stone

and if somebody catches your stone on the full you’re out

such is life in the fields

OP, your grammar is impecable.
Making each of the fonts bold and even fucking up the thread title isn’t going to make me take you anymore seriously. No offense.

Yep, just the kind of quality of post i expected.

He has lived here longer than you ever have.

As for throwing rocks, i think its rather obsolete since getting the Bow and Arrow isn’t in itself that much of a challenge.