Do you want me to make GModule tutorials?

I am willing to make GModule tutorials if the community thinks I should. Just basic C Lua stack manipulation and such. If you think it would benefit the wrong people too much, then I won’t make them. Please voice your opinion if you agree or disagree, becuse I am listening. It could be as simple as rating this post agree or disagree. Also if I should, then should I try and post them on the wiki (readable tutorials) or should I post them on youtube (video tutorials)? The choice is yours. is so bare.

Anything helpful like a tutorial would be greatly appreciated, I think.

don’t do youtube tutorials for anything scripting/coding related, it’s literally the worst way to teach this sort of thing.

The example should consist of:
How to set up the IDE environment
Example working code (simple, in the form of a project file)
Link to documentation

Then really a “skiddie” wouldn’t benefit too much.

And/or update Overv’s old tutorial.

Yes. Absolutely. I was actually planning on starting to research C++ modules for Gmod to use to optimize the algorithms in my game mode. Could you include information on creating C++ structures that can be accessed in lua? (I think they are called user data in the old tutorial series)

Yeah I’ll start writing rough drafts tonight. If someone could please help me with making them, as I’m not familiar with editing wikis and it’s time consuming making everything look nice. All I would need the other person(s) to do is just make my tutorials look nice, ease of readability, coverage of the topic, ect. If anyone is interested tell me, otherwise content will be uploaded much slower.


I made a setting up visual studios tutorial found here.

It’s Visual Studio, not Visual Studios. Fix that please.

Bad habit. Fixed.

I did an overview of Functions here. I’m working on doing tables now, then I’ll do an overview of stack manipulation, userdata/metatables, references, and whatever other topics you guys want me to cover

God damn yes, that really pisses me off these days.

Instead of quick simple bullet point lists you can only ever find stupid damned video tutorials that takes 2-3 minutes of skipping through to find the 1 important thing you need.
Video tutorials are a curse :frowning:

I forget what, but one time I came across a project whose creator made the entire documentation a video, of a powerpoint, that is unavailable to download.

ps fix your link in your post to the main tutorial, it still has the removed s

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On your first tutorial you forgot to put int before your GMOD_MODULE functions.

More concerning is that, in your second tutorial, I am being told that LUA is undefined. I am certain that I set the properties and included the headers as displayed in the first tutorial.

Very informative, thanks for putting these up.

Just noticed the second tutorial has a small mistake near the end,

“In the following example I get the result of math.abs( 1337 ) then I print it to my console.”
but then the example gets the value of -666 not 1337

  1. It’s supposed to have the s removed.
  2. I don’t need to put an int before it, because it’s a macro and already has that defined.
  3. You clearly don’t have the correct headers or you might not have any headers included in your project. I followed my instructions exactly and compiled it and it was fine.

Thanks, fixed.

Love you for this.
Hopefully there will be more people making awesome things happen by using modules.

So far I have written the tables overview twice, but my computer crashed both times while taking a gaming break and so I keep having to restart. I’ll write it again when I get home later today though.

Whatever you release should be accompanied with a Lua lock.

If they can’t answer that then they don’t need to know about modules.

there are still good resources out there

(if you can find them)