Do you want to see more Melee weapons?

Or possibly even larger than melee? Why wouldn’t you craft a spear in a the wild to survive? It would give you a range advantage over an axe. Maybe a club that can stun someone for 1 second?

These are random shitty ideas that I just came up with. Tell me your own.

Definitely. Problem is, right now it’s way too easy to craft guns so there really wouldn’t even be a point to craft them when you could just go straight to a revolver or whatever.

Having more primitive weapons like swords, spears, axes, pole arms, shivs, knives, machetes, sling shots, etc would make things more interesting. Also, armor types like chainmail and iron/ steel instead of Kevlar would make more sense. Considering Kevlar is a synthetic fiber it doesn’t make sense that it’s crafted with metal + leather.

Probably not too many, I’d be happy with the addition of a knife and a spear but additionally having melee attacks available with equipped guns.

I like the idea of more melee weapons, but honestly… the melee system in this game is not good enough to support wide spread melee combat in its current state. Unless improvements are coming, adding no.

My thoughts though are this:

  1. Knife/sword/spear/axe/pick/ect cause bleeding (can add poison effect)
  2. Stone/hammer/mace cause broken bones