DoA Group is accepting people to join

Hello we are DoA Dead on Arrival we consist of 5 members (0G3lite,Lolskills4life,WeAre123,SuperTvInHD,Cookcreeperz) we are currently accepting people into out group we are enemies with everybody on the server and leave no survivors you will have a grace/trial period until you are officially in to make sure you are trustworthy we would like you to have knowledge and concept of the game you must contribute to the team, Good aiming and able to fuck shit up and if you do not help the group you will be kicked out of the group.

Our goal is to fuck shit up XD

With 5 members you think you can compete with team who have 10/15 members?
See you in game :zoid:

can i join

Yo can i join?

me three~!

Real funny

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We just want a lot of stuff and we mostly help people not ruin people


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wow not me


oh maaanxx this sounds FUGDING fun !! XD

how do i play RUST tho???

this clan seems to be contradicting their self

Hey i would like to join you guys. My skype names is notslip. I hope to hear from you guys soon. =D

Good thing its common for those big groups to be low skilled :wink:

Sounds like you guys have everything figured out.

Hey there. I use to be in your clan for another game a long time ago. I was apart of your enjin website. Could I join your rust group? It seems your website is down now D:

He’s the leader, if you run into him you will most likely die, I’m mostly the hunter-gatherer. I would give a new spawn food while He would murder them. Got it now?

This is starting to get hilarious with all these kiddy clans.

I would like to join, and i can fuck shit up…

Skype: ShadowRaze

we need more info on your skype because there is many people with that name