DOA Kasumi model Request?

The one where shes in the black bikini :stuck_out_tongue: And just dont criticise

theres a link, so yea

  1. Always provide pictures when you make requests
  2. Given the character is from a Japanese game, and is not a soldier or a gun, this doesn’t seem likely to happen, given Facepunch’s likes and dislikes.

That being said, I wouldn’t mind this happening.

Try these.

Unless you requested for a completely new one.

I think he’s talking about the Dead or Alive 5 costume DLC model.

As far as I know Dead or Alive 5 porting is in a limbo at the moment so the closest thing you can get is this:[page]=4&mid=PostsList&vl%5Bpage%5D=4&mn=1&vl%255Bpage%255D=2


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Thatd be fine too :slight_smile:

it would be cool to have a dead or alive 5 model of Kasumi.

In XnaLara there are almost all the female characters (without counting the DLC costumes) so the thing is or rigging them from there, or using a program to get the files. Which one? I don´t know actually…

any kind is ok from dead or alive 5. and is there a way to get it to garry’s mod.

Yeah, someone would need to import the model to source, compile it, fix any problems, and then release it. Thing is, that’s a lot of work and not many people are interested in doing it. And the ones that do are more interested in porting more soldiers and guns then anything else.

Support! Those models are pretty nice :smile:

Well if someone can get me the files to import and all that ill give it a try on my own then upload it here?

Well, a lot of the DOA girls have already been ported over to XNALara and XPS. Porting from those to Gmod is supposed to be easier because the model’s already there and it’s already rigged. I would suggest checking out those first.

oVexlz, can you really do it ? i would be happy dude.

Mariokart’s script isn’t compatible with the new XPS models,.
so we can’t extract the rigged model from it,.
you’ll have to extract the model from XPS then put bones and rig it manually,.
Mariokart said he’s going to update his script, but I have no Idea when it would be done,.

lets say for example. if oVexlz finshed the dead or alive 5 model of Kasumi then he can do the others. but if he could not do it then we not have to ask again.

That’d save modellers a lot of work.

When I am porting models from XNALara, such as the Dragon Age 2 models, the majority of my time goes into the rigging.

Even if the XNALara rigs weren’t perfect, having a base rig to work off would be better than building entirely from scratch.

hopefuly we will see dead or alive 5 models make it to gmod, cause the way how 5 looks better then the models i have seen on or steam workshops.

I ported a dragon age 2 model on the weekend, the bone system was crazy… nearly 300 bones. lol

anyway I create a validation function that can be easily spliced into the current xnalara script to allow importation of XPS files…

but I also want to integrate the material editor into the exporter end of the script function. which… i’m still working on. soon tho

Thus begins a brand new age of character porting…