DOAX Fully nude Kasumi/Ayane

Hey guys. I’m looking everywhere but I read that fully nude DOA models of Kasumi and Ayane are from the DOAX Nude mod, with the 3ds converted for GMod. I’m looking for someone to convert these, not just for me, but for anyone else who wants to use them.

Thanks, and good luck,

haha, you need a girlfriend

I support this.

Well, it’s possible that someone will do these. They do have the topless models out there.

there was a nude model of them but the thread was deleted on here.

I also support this.

Wait no, heres one with naearly nude kasumi thats topless and a nude body, i bet you can get someone to hack the crotch on

I was looking for the fully nude Hitomi myself…

Gents you obviously have not heard. Garry personally shut down the nude/sex pose stuff. Unless you can prove to Garry that its more artistic than sex scenes than go right ahead.

Oh shaddup.

Surprisingly enough, I find myself in need of these. I’d thought I had the old nude models, but it turns out I don’t.

I’ll see if I can make anything decent, but don’t hold me to it.

Oh…wow, you make that conclusion alone? Duh, we now that, but you can still do that but don´t post it here