"Doc! Look out!"

http://img2.imageshack.us/img2/903/gehindeckungdockopie.jpg http://img2.imageshack.us/img2/gehindeckungdockopie.jpg/1/w1483.png


Bad lighting, not to great fingerposing, the blur doesn’t look that smooth, and DEAR GOD WHY THE ANIME EYES

The muzzle flash looks too cartoonish and the blur in the background looks like a motion blur where a gaussian blur would look more suitable (assuming you use photoshop). The lighting looks okay but dodgy in some places such as the hand (you literally burned the hand?) and sleeve. Just needs more practice.

I would’ve liked a normal citizen model better. For one, because of the calmer-coloured clothes, and secondly and more importantly, fingerposability.

Also either the hands are also low-poly or you haven’t amped up your graphics for the screenshot. Do so.

I’ll have to second the eyes. Puppydog eyes and shooting don’t go together, soz.

I really don’t like the muzzleflash either, way too cartoony.

it’s not like completely utterly useless, but it does have a multitude of small flaws.

Personal skin? If so this should be in the personal skin section.

I really like the way you criticize things.

It’s not personal, its public :3
(2 Posts above^^)

And the way he takes it :smiley:


lol the anime eyes, were not my intention.

@bodenlan ok, make it better!

blur on the hand is a little fault on editing.

I make all editings with photoshop and the dof was make with motion blur(a right? sry im not sure)

Yes its my personal skin, but this skin is a “beta”, this skin is wip.

Eh my graphics are all on high, but the hands are badly because they are from hl2.

The muzzleflash ar my intention, i should be comic or others, ya ^^

ARR Darma: why there are bad lightnings, show me.


EDIT: sry for bad english

It’s okay. Just work on your posing.


I mean editing.