Dock Aftermath.

Lol title.
No one wanted to edit it :saddowns: so I’ll just post it un-edited :downs:


Is it just me or did they changed the font of facepunch?

I noticed too.


The guy in the car has a very odd posing.

He’s supposed to be dead. :v: Always liked the stare into the roof/air dead pose in chairs etc. But yeah, looks odd, at least with no eye/faceposing.

The angle’s bad, and it lacks editing. But everything else is fine.
And yeah the font looks strange.

I don’t see why the angle is bad. And as I said in the OP no one wanted to edit it, and I can’t edit for shit. :v:

I see your playermodel fully visible in the picture, that kills it.

Otherwise good posing, but yeah, the angle could use some work.

I see no blood. :raise:

You forgot to stay out of the picture frame and the lack of blood just doesn’t look right. Otherwise it looks okay.

It’s an okay piture but the dead bodies are very unrealistically posed. In the future, try making them…well…a little more “dead” looking. Price looks like he’s about to puke, for instance, and the other guy’s single arm dangling over the gangplank just doens’t look right for some reason. Camera angle is fine, far as I can tell. One of the corpses on the ship itself is cut off and I can’t judge it’s posing.

It needs editing (this section really should be called "Photoshopped Gmod Poses, because nearly every good picture seems to need editing of some sort), but apart from that, it’s a good screenshot. Keep these up, and look into using a graphics program to further enhance picture quality.

As a side note, I can see where you took the screenshot (your body is visible just above the dead guy on the far left of the ship). Avoid leaving yourself visible in screenshots; it can really destroy the picture, particularly if your model doesn’t fit the scene.

Thanks. But Price? I didn’t use him.
And I know it needs editing, i posted it in the edit thread, but you can’t force them to do it. So I wanted to post the picture anyway. I am not happy with the dead guys, thanks for the tips, really appriciate it. And sadly I did not discover “my” self before it was uploaded. And my gmod saves fucked up again so I can’t really do much about that. Unless someone wants to edit him out.

But thanks for the C&C.

Looks a bit to cluttered, but, you have some okay posing going on there.

Keep up the good work!

Oh god I lol’d.

What is your playermodel doing in the picture?

And the guy in the car is sleeping? could use some blood. Its pretty boring.

Yes of course he is sleeping. And as I said in the OP it lacks editing. And I already explained what my playermodel is doing in my picture.

Love the guy in the car.