Docker support

Will there be a docker image for the server provided by default, or will we need to build a docker image ourselves?

In that same realm, if we are using docker for lots of little servers will we be able to reconnect clients from one server to another without them going back to the server browser?

  1. It’s unlikely that they’ll have official support for Docker but it would likely be relatively easy to get a Docker base image for s&box going.
  2. I’m sure if it’s anything like Garry’s Mod, you can redirect a user to another server by simply providing the address and port. Docker doesn’t change anything about that.
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Garry’s mod can be used within a container (Docker/LXC), so if the way to start S&Box is similar (meaning as simple as launching a gmod server), that would probably not be a problem

Since Garry said he wants to support dedicated servers on Linux it shouldn’t be too hard to create a good Docker image even if they dont provide one themselves


Absolute worst case, you should be able to do it from kubernetes

Kurbernetes is, if I remember well, a production orchestrator for Docker. I don’t see any cases where deploying a S&Box server with Kubernetes has better chances to work than a regular container.


You’re right, I wasn’t aware that docker supported windows images due to me only personally using it with Linux based ones :sweat_smile:

I plan on using linux containers not windows, but I was looking for built in support so we don’t have to worry about setting up our own image & knowing it will work straight out of the box.

Didn’t know redirection was built into gmod, thats promising.


Builtin-ish. You can send a player to another server by running a console command on them, however it will have an popup, which can be obnoxious depending on the gamemode, when the client gets sent to another server.

– Edit –
I do understand the reason for the popup, but it’s still quite obnoxious

I’m sure that creating a dockerfile, if you plan to use docker, won’t be difficult. You can even port it inside a qcow/tarball file as long as you have dependencies installed in the system.

Modern servers daemon can run over an alpine distro (modulo libraries required), but a lightweight ubuntu would also do the trick.

Not sure we’ll have an official container file though, but we can maintain one quite easily :slight_smile: