Doctor O'lolo's Vids

I’ve made quite a bunch of videos in Gmod and so I thought it would be a good idea to post them here. Hope you’ll like them.


Firstly, in my opinion, the best of them:

Brian’s Trial:

The Call:

(this one is based on one of the dreams I've had)

Gaben (1966):

Intellectual Gymnastics with an Interplanetary Overmind Instructor at the Train Station:


Secondly, the average ones:


Gottam Pootis:

Medic’s special ability:



And lastly, my first Gmod video ever:

Way back home:

You should really see a physcologist


I actually had to see him 3 months ago or so when I was in the recruitment office (just a routine examination to tell whether I’m suitable for army or not), and he said that I’m fine. Thanks for your concern.