Doctor Who Adventures Game Amy Pond & The Doctor

I was wondering if anyone might be able to port the Doctor and Amy models from the Doctor Who Adventures Game into gmod?

Id like these too. Maybe some Props from the game too

I support 100, 000 million billion trillion percent. I’m tired of having Daleks chase around some citizen stand-ins in my poses.

This is a great idea. The Doctor Who pack models are pretty low-res, and these are a lot higher-res. MAKE THIS HAPPEN!

Late bump, but is anyone still doing it?

Nobody ever started, if you guys really want it go get 3D Ripper DX, but you need a copy of 3DS Max to get it, then go find a .smd converter plug-in then release the .smd’s and ask for someone to rig them.

Some Doctor Who models were added to The Models Resource last week.

If somebody wants to rig them for Source, there they are.