Doctor Who server survey

Hello everyone,

I am planning on making a Doctor Who themed server, but I would really be happy if some of you would please help me get ideas for stuff in the server by answering this survey for me

Thanks in advance

Ok, I just found out how unfriendly this forum is.

I think someone misunderstood me, I am not trying to make you come up with all the ideas, I am trying to figure out what people would want in order to play in it. I can’t just make a server that only I like

I mean if it’s just other gamemodes overlaid with doctor who themes then there’s really no point.
If you’re going to make a derivative gamemode of darkrp or some other rp and have heavy doctor who themes then sure, it could work. You just have to be savvy about it.

I tried but I realized it would be a bad idea to give you suggestions, considering I’ve never watched the show myself.

I am going to use another gamemode to work with doctor who theme, I am thinking either Spacebuild or RP