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Doctor Who project, by Xylitol Innovations

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**[HR][/HR]A Doctor Who addon for Gmod. The vids explain what everything Does. Currently I am only busy creating the Tardis. Suggestions are welcome :).

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****[2012.07.25] Xylitol Innovations - Doctor Who Project Teleportation Concept
**[2012.07.15] **Xylitol Innovations - Doctor Who flying Tardis concept [Very Early Alpha]

[2012.07.12] [Very Early Alpha] Tardis look through concept

[2012.07.11] [Very Early Alpha] Tardis Concept in Lua

That picture displays a portal-type device. I know you just needed a picture, but to clarify, will the tardis really be bigger on the inside? The closest I’ve seen to a tardis would be superllama’s gravity hulls.

Just in-case you didn’t know, TheSniper9 has multiple models from Doctor Who which I’m sure he’d be willing to let you use. The media provided looks very promising, however I do think that the length of the materialization process is far too long and needs to be sped up a tad.

Isn’t it unnecessary that you have a facebook page for this one project though?

Yes, as the interior will be located somewhere else on the map. The entrance on the Exterior will link to the exit inside the interior. Just haven’t made the models yet.

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That Facebook page will be used to collect any information about any project I will do from now on.
I need a Facebook page upcoming year so I figured, why not start now? :stuck_out_tongue:

Someone already told me this through Youtube, and I will shorten it and make a fast jump option as well. This Fastjump option can not be used more than once within a few mins else the Tardis will be disabled for some time.

About the models, I’ll search for those models in the upcoming days. If I think I can use them I’ll ask him and else I’ll make my own.

Upcoming week I’ll most likely start to model. I personally prefer the David Tennant Tardis, should I go with this one?

To all, I know this topic has been dead for over 2 weeks.

But development has not stopped :slight_smile:
I’ve already started to model, I’ll release a vid as soon as I got more to show.

Atm I’ve got other things to attend, but soon I’ll be working further on this :slight_smile:

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But for now, if anyone has a suggestion about something he/she would like to be added to this project, just say so :slight_smile:

Upcoming week I plan to model some parts of the interior of Matt Smith, as this one seems to be bigger and more detailed (I like a challenge :P)

I’ve got some cool ideas which I’d like to keep secret for now. But if you’ve got a cool idea as well, this topic is made for input as well.