Doctor Who

Seems the old one got to large and was closed so here is the new thread for my Doctor Who Packs.

SVN address can be found here:

I will still put out Packs on when there is enough new content. Download links
I will update this with the most up to date download as I continue to put them out:

Pack-4 Update

Please do not upload this to any site with out asking me first

This Pack contains models, ragdolls, and LUA based off the show “Doctor Who”.
It was started by “TheSniper9” as a fan project and later turned in to the packs we have today for your enjoyment. This pack continues to gather support and is my hope to turn in to a full mod at some point in the future complete with gamemodes and full maps.

Credits go to:
Sydney Newman, C. E. Webber, Donald Wilson for creating Doctor Who
Shacadeemus for the Ragdoll models of the Doctor
LightDemon for the LUA on the Tardis
Lord Hayden and CarlBooth for work on future maps
And a Thanks to Omolong, Smirnoff Joe, Dan2593, J. Muffintop, jjmfdl and all the fans for ideas and continued support.

Please continue to talk about new ideas for this, I am open to all ideas to continue on this pack.

I was just about to make one of these. OH well, good to have this thread back.

I have an idea! (mind you i’m not having the best of days and havnt slept in 48ish hours now so everythings going weird)

Anyway, Captain Jack Harkness! (possibly spelt wrong). He had a time agent time travel teleport thing (i forget the name I’m sorry). Would it be possible to make a swep version of is but to be used as a character teleport device? but with a limited range of say 5000? and a recharge time in between uses to make it fair.

I know somewhere a teleport toolgun was once made, as for if its still around i have no idea, but just thought i would tell you in case you know of it so you could peak at the code or something.

Do want FOB watch

Well there is good news for you then! I did this little guy a while back but never got around to showing it,

Good job with the Fob Watch, matey.

With the vortex manipulator swep you could have a birds-eye-view crosshair that you can move with the arrow keys and then left click when its at the part of the map you want to go to.

The tardis is a completely broken sent

How so?

You can’t get out of it and it doesn’t do anything

You need wire for it to do anything. And you have to keep on trying to get out.

You need to download wiremod for it to work.

I have made a perfect (in my opinion) controller for the TARDIS sent if people want it.

Sure why not.

here you go, the controller


I rate you box.

Accidently put the wrong URL sorry…fixed now though.

Alright, this pack ROCKS!!!11!!!ELEVEN!!!
I noticed that some spawn icons dont work though, and the bad wolf tardis doors were messed up in size compared to the normal doors… though im not sure if you’ve fixed this, as i haven’t checked since i last updated through SVN.
Anyway, i didn’t read the whole last thread, but i have an idea for the tardis sent being bigger on the inside than the outside. You have two tardis sents, interior and exterior. You hide the interior in some obscure corner of the map where no-one will see it. Then you make it so you can wire together the interior and exterior so when you press USE on the exterior, it teleports you to a certain place relative to the co-ordinates of the interior (so you appear next to the doors on the inside). Then when you press use on the doors of the inside, you get sent back out. If this can’t be done with a single input/output connection, surely it could be done with 3 (X Y and Z). If you cant do this, make 3 inputs on the tardis exterior, “InteriorX, InteriorY, and InteriorZ” which will be the co-ordinates you are sent to when you press use on the tardis. Then you’ll have to think about the interior doors, but your team is the one with a coding genius (which one of you codes?) and i’m just some kid on the intawebz. Hope this works.

But then everything about placing would be manual and specific to each map.

Thats a shitload of different placement configs for the interior.
And what if there was more then 1 TARDIS?
Bits of problems, i think.



MAYBE, JUST MAYBE, It could be one of these:
A health regenerator
Act like a wraith harvester
if in some sort of Gamemode put the player into a TimeLord or Doctor Class.

Or something.
With some epic effects.


Just downloaded from the svn.
I like it, but you should change the enemy npc’s base to metrocop.
They can use most of the custom weapons anyone has.

I like.
But the constant annoyance of getting out, and re-getting my weapons is a pain, and like someone said, the prop doors don’t really fit the prop tardis. :wink:

The TARDIS, (when it gets going) is impressive. Would you be able it to fly? And if so, spin on a tilted axis when it does?
All ideas for you.


Message to all:
When getting out of the TARDIS, I have found that pressing back (Default: s) when you exit (Default: e) stops the weapons glitch and being stuck. I might be wrong though, works for me.