I was bored, so I made this.

(right click to blah blah)

**Fun facts:
-Posing was a bitch
-Editing caused my drivers to crash 3 times
-Tried a new (kinda) layout
-You’re not getting uncensored versions
-I mean it…

Hahaha, I laughed.

Oh god what.

I would kill myself if I watch this uncensored documentary.

Have a funny

Not uncensored? Booooooooo

No really. Funny stuff. I do believe the moderators would forgive uncensored breasts at least. Seen it pass before.

What a heartwarming documentary.

Wait wait wait, did they like it? Or did they fall asleep?

I guess they won’t air it on primetime though


I’m glad y’all like it.


I hate that model.

It’s like teletubbies on ecstasy!

I thank you for this intelligent reply.

It is truly amazing. :golfclap:

Ur a faget.

LOL, nice one!

Must…not…use…the fap hand…emote!



ur moms a faget.

ur dads a faget.

ur all fagets :smug: