Dod federation models for gmod

remember the day of defeat federation models, ragdolls of tanks and anti tank guns and all that. well the files on which had all of this is now gone. and i was wondering if there was a link to the gmod models or at least if someone has the original files.

Well du’h, you can obviously google “Dod federation models”.

That’s what I did, and I had to really turn a few rocks.
Basically I did your work for you.

More than just federation stuff.

i found them but i dont want them for fucking maps i want to have the posable models for screenshots

still i want to be able to put them in the gmod folder and have the ability to SPAWN THEM INGAME


i did this before i made this thread. what i wanted to do is get an addon format verson of all the vehicle and cannon models with spawnlist and spawn the models ingame (in garrys’mod) and do as i wish with them

Don’t be an ungrateful little bitch, people don’t like to help people who start whining when they have to work a bit.

They’re still in the correct format and are “posable models”, it’s ridicilously easy to get them work too.

There is no “addon format version of all the models” the models are exactly all the same as they were before, all the materials and models are just placed in to a renamed folder with info.txt file, that’s how hard it is.

I assume nobody would do this for you either, because it’s that easy.
You don’t need spawnlists for addons either.

well then all hope is lost. theres no point trying to do any of this now

I have no idea what you’re talking about but it’s easy as hell.

I already described it in the last part of my reply, if you’re too ignorant to listen, then it’s your own personal problem.

well i’ll give it a shot

Here, I’ll just tease you a bit more:
“Oh noz, howz tiz possibl their not in der right format!?”

Actually I did explain it the hard way, but there was no one teaching me, so here it goes.

You create a folder in to the addons folder and rename it to for example “DOD Federation” you copy in to the root of that folder the info.txt file. Then you download all the files you want in to that folder and you unzip them. After that you copy all the materials and models folders in to the root of the dod federation folder so that it looks like this.

Addons /
Dod Federation /


So yeah, when I said ridicilously easy, I meant ridicilously easy.

well i tried to get the models ingame and it did’nt work out too well. at least i made an attempt

Read above.

ok but now i will try and do it your way since you just edited your last post to explain it


how do i get the info.txt


i think i may have just found out but let me test it first then i will say if it worked


didnt work

Well, you’re doing it wrong.

What I did to get it to work was I created a text document from notepad and copy and pasted another “info” text file from another addon and just updated the information.

“name” “DOD Federation”
“version” “1”
“author_name” “Your Username”
“author_url” “”
“info” “Adds DOD Federation models to garrysmod.”
“override” “0”

Just copy and paste that into your “info” text document.